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At B&B Tech Research & Development, we focus on what we do best: developing life-savy ideas. It is our responsibility to take an innovative research idea and turn it into a product that makes a real difference to people requiring chronic care. Our success is built on more than 5 years of innovation and commitment to clients. Join us and make a difference It is unwise to bring a new product to market without first coming up with solid data to support it. This research typically involves conducting a careful, detailed study to support the project – whether there is a need for it, and how to ensure it is something customers will want to use. The research study must also determine the specifications of the product, the projected costs of its production, and the time it will take to produce. The research function prepares the way for new product development. New product development is based on the concepts and requirements coming out of the research phase of a project. This often involves prototyping, to see how a working model of the product performs before going into full production. A crucial part of the development phase is ensuring a new product will meet guidelines and any statutory requirements.

Types of Research and Development

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R and D can involve basic research or applied research. Basic research aims to a comprehensive understanding of a subject, and to build a body of
knowledge relating to it. As such it may not have an immediate practical or commercial application, but it still can be of interest to a business or organizations. It is the sort of research that might then initiate further concepts and lead to applied research. Applied research is much more specific with a set of objectives related to a particular customer or industry need or requirement. Under applied research, any investigations will
focus on commercial objectives to do with processes or products.